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Venturing from his home in Chicago, IL, Eli Broxham moved to Nashville twice in 2020. An unconventional path for an unconventional year, this resulted in living with two dear friends that eventually formed the other two thirds of Eli’s main musical project: Dallas Ugly.


In Chicago, Eli attended DePaul University where he studied classical bass performance. While soaking up all the technical and musical skills he could, he formed and fostered a deep love of folk, improvised, and groove-based music. He transferred this love into a career that led him to perform across the city and region with top musicians in multiple genres, including Bluegrass, Old-Time, Jazz, and Rock. During this period, he developed a reputation as a skilled side person with a unique way of playing that gave bandleaders the confidence to give his bass a lead voice during performances. After four years of working professionally in Chicago, Broxham felt the time had come to expand his network and push the limits of his playing and career.


He took the plunge and moved to Nashville in 2020, albeit with a brief detour of lockdown at his parents house March through May. Once in Nashville, living and reconnecting with two college friends, Broxham set to work with his new trio arranging a trove of original material they had all written in the intervening years — channeling their excitement and creativity into an LP they recorded in the spring of 2021, to be released in 2022.


In Nashville, Eli has found a community that cares deeply about its members; where the individuals support one another and appreciate what each person has to offer. Broxham has been welcomed into this community and has enjoyed playing with many of the talented musicians that comprise it.

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